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How the Current WaterBrook Church eCommece System Works


-Once you click anywhere in the "For Churches" section you are taken into the "church portal" which is a mirror of the "consumer" website.

-This essentially duplicates the website, which is not good for SEO.

-A yellow banner appears and remains at the top of the page which outlines the existing discount structure which is 30% off and free shipping when your cart exceeds $200 RETAIL value. Once the $200 threshold is met, the discount applies automatically.

-Issues with 30% off and free shipping are 1) The discount is not competitive nor does it track with what our competitors are currently offering which range from 30 to 75% off. and 2) It's complicated to explain how the discount works.

-Notice there is no "log in" or "register" buttons in the top right corner of the website. These should be added to make it easy for customers to quickly access their account rather than having to dig around to find where to do so.