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Scent of Cherry Blossoms
Not This Time
Dragons of the Watch

Hulga Klager’s life-long passion for beauty and knowledge becomes the story of how the generosity of sharing one’s gifts transforms the lives of family, a community, and far beyond.

Two sisters. Two missing misters. A shocking welcome to the wild west that leaves both Kat and Nell Sinclair questioning their dreams—and the hope for true love. Miranda Hanford wants a new life for her children, but first she must break free from her family’s secrets and a stifling past.
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Devotions from Jane Kirkpatrick
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Generosity — A lesson from Where Lilacs Still Bloom
by Jane Kirkpatrick

I confess, I'm rarely happy in a time of trial. Yet Paul writes of the church in the Macedonia province and how the people's true colors came through in their time of pressure and trouble. Instead of going inward, lamenting their sad state, they "pleaded for the privilege of helping out in the relief of poor Christians" The Message sings. Their joy even amid deep poverty overflowed to increase their generosity. How did they do that, how did they draw upon such a spirit that witnessed to their love of Jesus by giving more than they could even afford?
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Redeeming Love A Kingsbury Collection The Crossing The Harvest of Grace
Redeeming Love A Kingsbury Collection The Crossing The Harvest of Grace Redeeming Love
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