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Fiction Reads - Ficus on Christian Fantasy Fiction

Uncover books that deliver a solid fantastical story...without leaving you in the dark. Let these authors lead you through worlds that delight the imagination while remaining true to the light of biblical truth.

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Books by Donita K. Paul

Donita K. Paul is a retired teacher who understands what it takes to keep the attention of a classroom of students. To ignite kids into a love of reading, she wrote the best-selling DragonKeeper series, giving us insight into a world inhabited by dragons and strange new creatures. Now she's rewound the story to introduce new characters that inhabit the same world in a previous time with her most recent book.

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The Vanishing Sculptor Dragons of the Valley DragonSpell DragonQuest
DragonKnight DragonFire DragonLight

Books by Jeffrey Overstreet

As a thoughtful reviewer of movies from a Christian perspective, Jeffrey Overstreet knows what makes a story come to life. As you read through The Auralia Thread series, you'll find that Jeffrey has tightly woven a tale that will make you think in ways you never have before while taking you on a journey that you won't soon forget.

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Auralia's Colors Cyndere's Midnight Raven's Ladder

Books by Andrew Peterson

Most know Andrew Peterson for his music, but you won't need a concert to know that these books sing. Recently, Andrew's book North! Or Be Eaten won the Christy Award for best book in the Young Adult category, just one more voice that agrees that these well-written books should be in your hands! Perfect for read-along, the Wingfeather Saga is fun for the whole family.

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The Edge of the Sea of Darkness North! or be Eaten

Books by Chuck Black

As a father, Chuck Black knows what it's like to want to instill a love for Scripture into your he wrote the Kingdom series. This series of six books takes you chronologically through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation...against a medieval action-adventure backdrop complete with harrowing quests and plentious sword fighting. Chuck also wrote the Knights of Arrethtrae series. Each book in this series follows the story of a knight and teaches about moral character while warning against sinful vices.

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Kingdom's Dawn Kingdom's Edge Kingdom's Hope Kingdom's Call
Kingdom's Quest Kingdom's Reign Sir Kendrick Sir Bentley
Sir Dalton Lady Carliss Sir Quinlan Sir Rowan

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