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Radical - Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream

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"Do you believe that Jesus is worth abandoning everything for? Do you believe him enough to obey him and to follow him wherever he leads, even when the crowds in our culture—maybe even our churches—turn the other way?"

Radical is a daring call for you to believe and obey the gospel according to Jesus—even if it flies in the face of success according to the American church. David Platt reveals what can happen when we exchange our convenient beliefs for authentic discipleship.

Also available: The Radical Question, a straightforward overview of Platt's life-changing book, Radical in which you'll find specific ways you can begin to experience what it really means to be a follower of Christ. Available in packs of 10, ideal for sharing in small group or for individual ministry. [read more]

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David Platt

Radical - Taking Back Your Faith From The American DreamDr. David Platt is the pastor of the Church at Brook Hills, a four-thousand-member congregation in Birmingham, Alabama, comprised of world-impacting disciples who really believe that as a church they can shake the nations for God's glory.

David's first love in ministry is disciple making—teaching God's Word, mentoring others, and multiplying the gospel. To this end, David has traveled throughout the United States and around the world, teaching the Bible and training church leaders.

David has earned two undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia and three advanced degrees, including a doctor of philosophy from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

David and his wife, Heather, are Atlanta natives who made their home in New Orleans until they were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. They live with their family in Birmingham. You can find David on Facebook & Twitter.

Dads & Grads Books
Don't Let Me Go by David Pierce

Don't Let Me Go

What My Daughter Taught Me About the Journey Every Parent Must Make

A father and daughter climb mountains and run marathons, suffering sore muscles, bitter cold, shin splints, and broken spirits. And in the process, they build an unbreakable bond...[read more]


Do Hard Thigns & Start Here by Alexx & Brett Harris


Do Hard Things & Start Here

A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

Do Hard Things and its practical companion, Start Here, offer stories and guidance for teens who are eager to combat low expectations and who want to make a difference, right where they are. [read more]

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Point Man by Steve Farrar

Point Man

Find practical insight on topics such as a father's influence, maintaining purity, and husband-and-wife teamwork in this bestselling classic that encourages and equips men to lead their families successfully through hazards and ambushes like divorce, promiscuity, suicide, and drug addiction.
[read more]

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived by Steven K Scott

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Secrets for Unparalleled Success and Unshakable Happiness from the Life of Jesus

Steven K. Scott reveals the unique ways Jesus lived as a human, so you can experience the most authoritative, inspiring, and practical model of personal success.
[read more]

In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson

In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day

How to Survive and Thrive When Opportunity Roars

Your greatest regret at the end of your life will be the lions you didn't chase. Stop running away from what scares you most and start chasing the God-ordained opportunities that cross your path...[read more]

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Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

Dug Down Deep

Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters

Dig in deep to build your house on the rock. With thoughtful and accessible stories, Joshua Harris unpacks the essentials of sound doctrine—and why it matters.
[read more]

"Theology Matters" Video
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Fan Favorites

If God Is Good by Randy AlcornIf God Is Good

In a culture that embraces the atheists' easy arguments, If God Is Good...offers you the big picture of suffering to establish the existence of God and the battle between good and evil. [read more]

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Future Grace by John PiperFuture Grace

John Piper reveals how, by cherishing the promises of God, you can break the power of anxiety, despondency, covetousness, lust, bitterness, impatience, pride, misplaced shame, and more. [read more]

Kindle, Nook, Sony, Others

Guest Blogger
Mere Churchianity

EDITORS NOTE: Michael Spencer ( was a prolific blogger, much appreciated in the Internet community for his biblical wisdom and compassionate teaching. He guided a vast online congregation in its search for a more honest and more immediate practice of Christian faith. Sadly, Michael Spencer passed away recently. His blog continues as a mixture of "classic" Michael Spencer posts and new content provided by dedicated followers. Check out this sample blog entry (below):

Classic iMonk Post
by Michael Spencer

"I think it's telling that the two most prolific evangelism programs in evangelicalism both approach their audience with questions that Jesus never used. "Do you know that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life?" "If you were to die tonight, and God were to asked you, why should I let you into my heaven, what would be your answer?" - Read Full Blog Entry

Untamed - By Lisa Harper



How the Wild Side of Jesus Frees Us to Live and Love with Abandon

Bible teacher Lisa Harper invites you to move from a half-hearted pursuit of God to a vibrant relationship with the Jesus of the gospels—a Savior wild enough to set you free. [read more]

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Mere Churchianity by the late Michael Spencer

Mere Churchianity

Finding Your Way Back to Jesus-Shaped Spirituality

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, delivers his final message to show you how to find a way back to a Jesus-shaped spirituality that is free of religion, hype, programs, and institutions. [read more]

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