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Why You Need God's YES

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Dear Pastors & Leaders,

Don't let the title of this book fool you. This book is not about a Prosperity Gospel. It's about what you believe about God. After all, what you believe about God affects the way you approach life, how you prepare your sermons, and how you counsel and lead others.

Are you convinced that God limits you, or liberates you? Is he more interested in correcting you or connecting with you? And when you hit a rough spot and start looking for help, do you believe God is against you or on your side?

In The Gospel of Yes, Mike Glenn, Pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church reveals God’s most powerful word, which opens our eyes to everything he does. That word is YES. God said "yes" to creating a world for us to live in and "yes" to inviting us into a relationship with him. No matter what we face in life, the best way to live is captured in one word: yes.

We believe Mike Glenn's message in The Gospel of Yes is desperately needed in today's churches...but don't take our word for it. Hear what other pastors and ministry leaders have to say about The Gospel of Yes in the videos below...

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