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Raising Boys by Design
Don't Let Your Son Become Another Statistic

In a culture that is questioning the very designation of gender, authors Jantz and Gurian boldly declare that boys have distinct needs--God-designed needs--that must be addressed and appreciated if they are to flourish into adulthood. Boys are under a great deal of stress today, and parents yearn to know how to raise boys to be both strong and loving. This guide from a brain science expert and a Christian psychologist equips parents to design a boyhood that will help their sons grow into the successful men God meant them to be.


GREGORY L. JANTZ, PHD, is a nationally certified psychologist with a doctorate in counseling psychology. The author of more than twenty books, he regularly counsels parents and children of all ages to develop communication strategies, strengthen family bonds, and raise healthy kids.

MICHAEL GURIAN, a marriage and family counselor noted for his secular expertise in brain science and his bridge-building in faith communities, is a New York Times best-selling author of twenty-five books, including The Wonder of Boys

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